Getting Started

This page helps you getting Talkdesk’s SDK up and running on your app.

Note: this section focuses on the Callback feature.

Before you start

Talkdesk SDK is a commercial product, and its usage requires a prior registration and the fetching of valid access token for authorizing Interactions with media sessions. Please refer to the Talkdesk Documentation on Authorization. If you already have an account you can reach support at

Integrating the SDK

Talkdesk iOS Mobile SDK is available through CocoaPods, the largest Cocoa dependency manager. If you are already using CocoaPods in your app and want to use the latest version in your app, just add the following line to your app target in the Podfile:

pod 'TalkdeskSDK'

(Otherwise if you require a specific version see Version Support for more information.)

After this, open a shell, navigate to the project root folder and run the following command:

pod update

If you are not using CocoaPods in your project, you can find information on how to do it here.

Supporting Callbacks

Setting the Authorization Delegate

First see Authorization on how to set the Authorization Delegate. This is required before starting any Interaction as it will later contact the Authorization Delegate for an Authorization.

TalkdeskSDK.authorizationDelegate = <YourAuthorizationController>

Note: Don’t forget to add import TalkdeskSDK to the beginning of the file.

Launching the Callback View Controller…

Assuming that your iOS app is using a UINavigationController to display the screens, you just need to instantiate the InteractionViewController and push it to the UINavigationController. Simple as that!

let vc = InteractionViewController(intention: "callback")
navigationController?.pushViewController(vc, animated: true)

If you run your application now and navigate to the proper area you should see something like the following:

Callback form

From now you just need to fill in the data and press the Continue button to get a call back from your agent!

See also Features for more in-depth features of the Callback and also for other examples on how to launch the InteractionViewController from other iOS navigation patterns.

Tweak the colors

You can easily customize the appearance of the SDK views to match your app’s UI. Read the Appearance Customization guide to learn how to do it.